Thursday, April 12, 2012

How To Get Rid of Dark Spots

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been seeing advertisements for anti-wrinkle skin care solutions your

entire life.

With an innumerable amount of products out there promising to turn aging, line-plagued skin into silky-smooth

perfection, you may even be led to believe that wrinkles are the one and only enemy of maintaining a youthful

radiance. The truth of the matter? They’re only part of the problem.

Pigmentation (dark spots) will add years to your look just as quickly and viciously as wrinkles—and turning age-

mottled skin into peaches-and-cream perfection requires a targeted approach you may be overlooking in your everyday

beauty routine.

Fading Dark Spots: Two Easy Steps

In order to make headway when it comes to reducing the look of dark spots and restoring an even-toned appearance in

your skin, there are two variables that must be in place.

First and foremost, you must commit to protecting your skin with an SPF of 20 or higher every single day of the

year, rain or shine! Being diligent in your sunscreen use will not only ensure that your skin care endeavors yield

optimal results—it will help prevent skin cancer, too.

Second, you need to commit to the daily use of a product that contains ingredients proven to even up pigmented skin.

Vitamin C and licorice extract are a couple that are most favored by dermatologists.

All Your Anti-Aging Concerns, One Product

Lest you fear you can’t add another treatment product to your skin care regimen, worry not: You don’t need to! All

you need to do is select a wrinkle-fighter that pulls double-duty as an anti-spot solution. That product is iQ Derma

Resurface Serum. And it gets even better—check out these findings from an independent clinical study:

83% of participants saw an improvement in skin smoothness within 15 minutes
89% saw an improvement in skin moisture within 15 minutes
71% saw an improvement in skin texture in just 15 minutes
77% saw firmer-looking skin
71% saw more luminous skin

One little bottle to satisfy ALL your anti-aging concerns. How cool is that?

You’re probably wondering how Resurface Serum is able live up to its claims, mitigating the two biggest obstacles in

the road to a youthful complexion. The answer is simple: it contains superior ingredients.

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