Monday, December 12, 2011

New Hair Treatment Works on Molecular Level While You Sleep

Does your hair look like it’s gone through the deep fryer?
Most people long for the luscious hair and sensuous movement you see in shampoo commercials, but all we get is a hot, frizzy mess.  In this day and age, our hair tends to be damaged, over-processed … FRIED.   It’s been weakened by years of blow drying, straightening, curling, dyeing, and excessive use of styling products that rob hair of its moisture.
For many women, the only option has been to mask the problem by cutting off the damage.  That’s because so many shampoos and other hair care products do little actual good.  It’s a little-known secret that most hair care products contain molecules that are too large to penetrate the areas they need to in order to achieve visible, lasting results. The ingredients, regardless of how advanced they are, simply settle on the surface of the hair and wash off. (Think about polyester, water simply beads up and rolls off).
Well, that all may be about to change thanks to the technology that’s at the core of a new overnight hair treatment called Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque”.  Right now, it’s the hottest thing happening in the hair care industry.

The buzz surrounding Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” has to do with the groundbreaking delivery system called T-SFERE™, which uses nano-technology to deliver ingredients deep into the structural core of the hair (scalp, follicle, and shaft) allowing them to take true effect.  Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” T-SFERE technology allows hair to act like absorbent cotton, soaking up powerful ingredient complexes, and thereby taking on a look that’s noticeably more beautiful.

Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” is easy to use: You simply apply to dry hair before bed, massaging a small amount from root to tip. The formula absorbs instantly—it won’t leave any residue on your pillow! When you wake, simply wash your hair as usual. Your hair will be fuller, softer, shinier, and healthier. With continued use, the results are significant and dramatic.

Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” was just rated as the #1 Overnight Hair Treatment by The Good Housekeeping Institute, scoring best overall in laboratory and consumer performance ratings.  In a 4-week independent clinical study, Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” was shown to:

Help hair retain color by 96 percent
Improve luster and shine by 96 percent
Reduce split ends and breakage by 96 percent
Increase hair hydration by 91 percent
Boost hair volume and body by an unprecedented 96 percent

And, even more remarkably, many women have started reporting that Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” actually accelerates hair growth.

So, if you feel the urge, wave the white flag and give up in your battle against unruly damaged hair, perhaps your knight in shining armor has arrived. Simply apply Kronos “Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque” then get your beauty rest, and start waking up to the hair of your dreams.

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