Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Get Brighter, Younger Looking Eyes in Weeks

The face is the first thing that people look at, so it’s little wonder we spend so much time trying to keep our faces looking young.  People often spend a small fortune and a lot of time trying to combat wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, and sagging. But, it’s actually the eyes that people notice first.

That’s why under eye bags, dark puffy circles, and crow’s feet around the eyes have such an impact on how young and attractive we appear. It doesn’t matter how great your skin looks if your eyes are screaming, “I’m worn down and exhausted!”

Actually, dark circles are not the result of stress or lack of sleep. They are actually caused by broken capillaries that leak blood close to the skin’s surface. 

And, as you age, your skin becomes progressively thinner and the blood beneath is visible through the skin. It can appear as though someone socked you in the eye or you’ve been up for 24 hours straight!

The fat pads beneath your eyes are a particularly exposed area and, as they thin, the area starts to look sunken. This can give the illusion of a dark circle or shadow.

To make matters worse, these pads can become easily inflamed, causing blood vessels to become more visible. Studies have suggested that low blood flow may also contribute to the appearance of dark circles, and the associated sunken look in the eyes. Another factor is that with greater exposure to the sun, the skin's pigment reacts accordingly, resulting in darker patches.

The muscles and ligaments close to the eye and on either side of the bridge of the nose—an area doctors call the "tear trough"—also weaken over time. With its support structure gone, the skin begins to collapse, causing a kind of indentation or "gutter" effect. When the adjacent area becomes puffy, that "gutter" casts a shadow on skin, making it appear as if there is a dark circle. Dark circles and under eye bags are also extremely difficult to fix through cosmetic surgery. 

Fortunately though, there is a non-surgical solution, and it’s Intelligent Beauty Labs Firming Eye Cream. Formulated specifically to address cosmetic problems around the eye, it’s one of the very few products that offer a solution specifically for aging eyes.

Intelligent Beauty Labs Firming Eye Cream smoothes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet while moisturizing and diminishing the appearance of dark under eye circles.

The product contains a powerful ingredient called Grant-X, which relaxes the muscle contractions that lead to wrinkles. It also contains two additional powerful ingredients-- Haloxyl to lighten dark circles, and Dermaxyl to tighten and firm the skin for a lifted, youthful appearance. The result is a wider, brighter, and younger-looking eye contour.

So, just how well does the product work?

We checked out their 6-week clinical study and the results were actually quite impressive:

    90 percent saw that their eyes look younger
    80 percent saw the look of puffiness diminish
    85 percent reported reduction in the appearance of dark circles
    89 percent saw an improvement in crow's feet and wrinkles

Will it work for you?

Intelligent Beauty Labs Firming Eye Cream is currently available exclusively online through  And right now is a great time to try it because they’re offering new customers a 65 percent discount off the regular price along with a free mystery gift AND free 1-3 day shipping.

This limited time offer is too good to pass up, especially for anyone who thought they were stuck for life with dark, unattractive circles around their eyes.  And, when it comes to making an impact on how young you look, it may just be the best thing you can do for your face.

Intelligent Beauty Labs Firming Eye Cream is easy to apply, suitable for all skin types, and guaranteed to work.

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